måndag 28 mars 2011

Library Tapes and Woodchucker!


Woodchucker is Jonatan Nästesjö, 21, from Jönköping but now resident in Lund. He released his debut album Leaves never leave in 2007, and was thereafter named artist of the year on prestigious music site Digfi. Since then, he's put out several ep:s and albums, full of suggestive ambient, piano and string loops recorded in old tape recorders. Woodchucker's music osscilates between fragmentary electronica, sober monotonia and sound art. I'm not sure what Jonatan is going to be up to in August and he probably doesn't know himself, but it's been very beautiful each time I've seen him live.


Library Tapes is David Venngren, 29, from Gävle but now resident in Eskilstuna (to continue with the theme). He likes ice hockey and Gossip Girl, but most of all, he enjoys creating fantastic music that you're sure to already be familiar with if you're into dreamy, classic-inspired ambient. David has released many critically acclaimed albums (on labels like Kning Disk and Home Normal) over the last five years, been compared to Erik Satie and Efterklang, and has also toured in Europe, Japan and the US. At the moment, he's getting ready for a couple of gigs in England. Live, it's mostly about live samples with piano and strings, video art in the background and general bliss.

söndag 27 mars 2011

de Montevert (DJ set) and Bristlemouth!


I do realize it's a bit daft to use the word "young" in a text about a band I would like regardless, but to me it's pretty refreshing to have discovered a little scene that's so vibrant and never seems to cease spitting out great distorted indie rock. Jakob is in the process of writing new ace songs at the moment, and played some of these together with the band's new bassist Tora in the living-room yesterday. Anton plays guitar, too. You can - and will - download the new Bristlemouth demo here (from Sippin, one of the most productive and interesting labels in Sweden at the moment)!

Oh, and Ellinor of de Montevert will play some records at the festival!

There will be two more acts released tomorrow!

(Er, I just made an entire website in English, so it's a bit silly to keep this blog in Swedish.
About We.the Pigs, Supertuff, Haiku Salut and Iiris Viljanen Trio - about whom I've already written in a language you may not understand - you'll just have to live with it. Click and listen.)

torsdag 24 mars 2011

Club King Kong pre-party!

I'm glad to announce that there will be a pre-party together with (and at) Club King Kong this year as well! This will take place on Wednesday the 3rd of August, i.e. the day before.

There will also be two more artists/bands released this weekend!