tisdag 2 augusti 2011

School, Sweet School! and Joanna Törnros (DJ set)!


SSS is described as follows by a former fictional member of krashen:

Honestly, I think it is a disaster. You shouldn't call it a band, really. You can hardly call it a duo even. It is still just this guy playing the same chords over and over again and hoping that something will happen. Just like it was before. And this other member, Lobster Girl, I never quite figured what she really does, what function she fills. If any. I don't really “get” her. On the other hand, I don't really “get” any of them. On the yet another hand, I think their “Bladen Brinner”-record is amazing, a masterpiece.

School, Sweet School will make this rare appearance during Sunday's event at Southside Cavern.

For the event on Thursday, there is now a second DJ confirmed: we'll see (er, hear?) a debut set from Joanna Törnros, who is otherwise doing various great things in The Paper Merchants, We.the Pigs and Little Big Adventure/s! I've noticed her having ace taste in music and it'll be exciting to hear what she comes up with.

There's also some other great news when it comes to the DJ line up: Silja from Librarians Wanted will join David and select tunes for us - so, two thirds of this ace London night is represented!

måndag 1 augusti 2011

Kuryakin join Library Tapes and Woodchucker for venue-changed Thursday! (plus some sad news)


Since it was announced that Friday Bridge were going to play at Wednesday's pre-party instead, I've worked pretty hard to secure that Thursday at Southside would still be an equally fantastic evening, and I'm very happy to announce that Kuryakin are able to join in! Since 2003, Petter Gjöres and Johan Norberg have created minimalistic, sometimes danceable but most of all always beautiful songs - much to the delight of an audience that simply appreciate delicious tunes, quite consequently made with a less is more state of mind. Their debut-EP "Still here" was put out by Shelflife, and last year, their full-length album "A new day" came out on Fastcut. If you were that certain The Embassy are surely the most elegant Swedish pop duo there is, you might just have to think again.


Sadly, Yo Amoeba will not be able to play at this festival, due to personal reasons.
Hopefully, we can do something together in the future!

There is work in progress concerning the Sunday. Stay tuned.

fredag 29 juli 2011

King Kong pre-party: Tiger Tape, Friday Bridge (venue change!) and Klubb Trubbel + Cosy Den (dj sets)!


You know the story by now: Moofish Catfish, who were a very fine four-piece already at that point with two brilliant cdr releases on Cosy Recordings and many memorable concerts, changed their name and re-loaded to fire even harder in our direction. Tiger Tape's full-length album, I woke up in Hökarängen, came out last year and is one of the best Swedish albums I own. They've also got plenty of new tunes that are absolutely amazing - those of us who saw them at the mini-festival Pop Culture in Norrköping this spring got to hear a few of them. And this has also meant that they're feeling a little more comfy about playing MC tunes again... Altogether, they're is surely one of the best indie rock bands to have come out of this country in recent years. At the pre-party for Cosy Den 2011, they're making their first appearance at King Kong.

They will be joined by FRIDAY BRIDGE.

And - both yours truly and the lovely Klubb Trubbel will provide dj sets for you!

This takes place at Mosebacke Etablissemang, a very nice space in central Stockholm.

As you understand by now, there's been a change concerning venues (and schedule).
Thursday's event will take place at the Southside Cavern, not at Landet.
Library Tapes and Woodchucker will still play on the Thursday, along with Stefan Zachrisson's dj set. There may be another act or two announced
for that evening as this has created a little more room in the schedule. Please check back for further news!

fredag 22 juli 2011

Stefan Zachrisson (DJ set) and Haningealliansen!


Haningealliansen first came to life a couple of months before 2010's Cosy Den festival. It could be described as a music collective featuring Haninge bands who somehow can fit under the category "The sound of young Lötkärr" and who get together to play songs they've made, together, and so far exclusively for this festival. In 2010, Haningealliansen consisted of Johan Hedberg, Indoor Face, Jap Adaptors, Lilla Gubben, Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, Chloë and Springfactory. We still don't know what will happen this time around, but reliable sources have hinted that even more people will be involved, and that things may clear up a little after Monday's first band rehearsal for the year - so this post will be updated a little. I suspected that with the endless back catalogue that this lot have, it would not have to be the slightest repetitive to have them playing two years in a row. Thus, I am very happy that they also liked the idea of doing this again.

STEFAN ZACHRISSON was the editor of influental Swedish fanzine Benno, and has since that been involved in the excellent label and magazine Friendly Noise. Amongst lots of other things. Stefan's presence in Swedish independent music has been constant for decades, and he will play some of his fave tunes during Thursday's event at Landet.

Oh, and a change in the schedule too: please note that Simon G will play on the FRIDAY instead of the Saturday.

lördag 16 juli 2011

Maybe Sucks and Paddington Distortion Combo!


Paddington Distortion Combo is one of just a handful acts that have played at Cosy Den a handful times or more. The first time I heard PDC music was in 2001. I went to a tiny gig set up by Osaka vs Tokyo, not knowing anything about Carl Olsson apart from the fact that he played in the Bear Quartet and with Fireside. I went from that concert with a cdr, and forced Mats Jonsson who was DJ-ing nearby to play "The sun is down and the sky is grey" so I could hear it again before I went home. Ten years on, I'm still very much in love. This time around, it'll be a bit reposeful, just him and a piano and some new songs (since Carl became a father he hasn't really found the time to go down to the basement and his synthesizers much - good thing he has a piano in the living-room). But then again, that's his initial thought. You never know what's going to happen when you're off to see PDC.


Although Myspace is defunct and dying, it's quite ridiculous that maybe sucks has just two "friends" on there. Or perhaps it's intentional. maybe sucks is a young, fresh, new, exiting duo that consists of Josefine and Veronica, two residents (from those two last quite anonymous train stops before one reaches Haninge - Skogås and Trångsund) who have an appetite for noisy yet delicate and melodious lo-fi pop. Although they only have one and a half recorded songs to present us, reliable sources ensures an incredible repertoire and a live performance as honest and amazing as anything. Also, rumours are that they're soon to release their debut EP with help from our good friends at Sippin Productions. So be there, hopefully get to grab a fresh copy, get your mind blown and remember where you saw them first. Maybe does indeed suck.

torsdag 14 juli 2011

Yo Amoeba and Bearsuit (UK)!


Bearsuit probably one of my favourite bands over the last decade. This five-piece from Norwich, England has given us classic singles like "Hey Charlie hey Chuck", "Itsoku got married", "More soul than Wigan Casino" and "Foxy boxer" over the years. This spring, Bearsuit released their fourth full-length album (and the first one since 2007), and on "The phantom forest" they're as instant, dancy and quirky as ever. This will be the band's only gig in Sweden this time around, and their first since 2004's concert at Emmaboda. Black Flag may still hold the title as the band who've been closest to actually blow off the roof at Gula Villan, but Henry Rollins (dancing or not) is sure in trouble now Bearsuit are heading for Haninge.


Behind the name Yo Amoeba is Therese Holm from Gothenburg. Under this alias and inspired by the likes of Sonic Youth and Cranes, she creates drone-ish songs that often are pretty frightening. Good thing they're beautiful as well. Yo Amoeba's seven inch EP, "Assault and battery", is released this summer and hopefully we can all get our hands on it in connection with her gig at this festival. I had no idea when I contacted her, but the EP consists of sounds and noises that Therese recorded while she was taken under compulsory care in 2006, but managed to hide a field recorder and guitar cables in her jacket to avoid seizure. Yo Amoeba has been around for nearly a decade, and it's about time she played at Cosy Den.

söndag 10 juli 2011

Librarians Wanted (DJ set) and Models Inc.!


Models Inc. is probably easiest described as a lo-fi and antitwee collective that includes, but is by no means not limited to, Cosy Den favourites such as JSSFRK and Kindergarten Kisses and also School, Sweet School, Feliz Felix and The Dub-Liner. They have released two EP's ("The Jesusfreak Sings the Kountry Klassix" and "Foke EP") and the full-length album "Season’s Greetings". You never quite know what's going to happen when you get involved with this lot, but considering the ammount of brilliant tunes that they have under their belt, you can at least know that what they're coming up with is certainly worth paying attention to. This live performance will be a pretty rare one, so make sure you don't miss it.

David from London-based indie club night Librarians Wanted will DJ during one of the festival nights! Librarians Wanted have quoted the visits to the Cosy Den festival as one of their influences, so if you're in London, you should know where it's a good idea to go.