måndag 1 augusti 2011

Kuryakin join Library Tapes and Woodchucker for venue-changed Thursday! (plus some sad news)


Since it was announced that Friday Bridge were going to play at Wednesday's pre-party instead, I've worked pretty hard to secure that Thursday at Southside would still be an equally fantastic evening, and I'm very happy to announce that Kuryakin are able to join in! Since 2003, Petter Gjöres and Johan Norberg have created minimalistic, sometimes danceable but most of all always beautiful songs - much to the delight of an audience that simply appreciate delicious tunes, quite consequently made with a less is more state of mind. Their debut-EP "Still here" was put out by Shelflife, and last year, their full-length album "A new day" came out on Fastcut. If you were that certain The Embassy are surely the most elegant Swedish pop duo there is, you might just have to think again.


Sadly, Yo Amoeba will not be able to play at this festival, due to personal reasons.
Hopefully, we can do something together in the future!

There is work in progress concerning the Sunday. Stay tuned.

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