lördag 28 maj 2011

Friday Bridge and Mats Wikström!


Mats Wikström is 56 years old and from Luleå, who is an artist in several ways. Carl Olsson helped recording some songs two years ago. They’re a bit like hearing an older, more heterosexual and much more rural Stephin Merritt. It’s distinctly honest and heartfelt. Austere but still rather elegant tunes about the wish to somehow belong and how to go about if you’re stuck in town out of money for a bus ticket home. When in New York, Mats recorded a few more songs with videos for them, that you can hear and see here. For Cosy Den 2011, he's put a live band together: Carl Olsson (The Bear Quartet, Paddington DC, Paper, Fireside), Peter Nuottaniemi (The Bear Quartet, Container of Love), Christian Ramirez (Park Hotell, Mattias Alkberg & Nerverna) - and Mats himself, obviously. It's very likely to be special, I'd say.


One could suggest that the utterly brilliant electronica duo Friday Bridge are slowly but surely becoming a bit of a house band at Cosy Den. In the spring of 2008, they helped bringing Fosca to Landet, and opened for them together with Little Big Adventure - and at the first festival two years ago, Ylva and Niklas played a very elegant and partly acoustic set at Lasse i Parken. Their debut, Intricacy, was named "the best pop album made in Sweden for more than twenty years" by Digfi and enormously acclaimed by nearly everyone. On the following Bite my tounge, Sonic Magazine said "it's been a long time since I heard such stunning sounds in an album". Friday Bridge's response when I asked if they wanted to play the festival again this year included hints that the band is currently moving in a more filmic and dreamy direction. Sounds exciting to me - especially as this is looking to be the first Friday Bridge gig for quite a while!

(Click the sleeve below to hear the latest released song: Just lies, from last summer.)

torsdag 5 maj 2011

Faster, Glenn! and Simon G!


Faster, Glenn! sort of rose out of the ashes after the epic twee trash punk The Faintest Ideas (previously known as The Javelins) disbanded a few years ago. Christoffer Lärkner is singing his heart out in a pretty cheerful band with horns and stuff nowadays, but don't be fooled by the suspenders they've got - the songs are still desperate and brilliant stories from the block! When I asked him to send some info about the other members and their projects, he was pleased to say the least, when letting me know their bands (F'låt Nevråt! Kafkas Kollaboratörer! Dolly Blackheart!... and various northern soul outfits) are all pretty unknown and also quite weirdly named.


The jack-of-all-trades and frankly unique Simon G, as in Gärdenfors, was one half of Las Palmas, Cosy Den favourites and legendary hip hop duo that were one of the first bands to play in the Gothenburg apartment and came back to the club night several times. Simon is also a cartoonist and has put out four critically acclaimed albums. A couple of years ago, he also debuted as host for a show on ZTV about candy packaging, flipper and cartoons. Musically, he's formed a new duo with Frej Larsson from Slagsmålsklubben and Maskinen - Far och Son. In 2010, it was time for his solo album. As one would expect, it's full of great stuff and few future classics. Simon played a few tunes when I had my 30th birthday party recently, and I was quite relieved when my parents left just minutes before he was on. I'm sure you can happily handle him, though.

(Two more acts will be announced very soon!)