fredag 29 juli 2011

King Kong pre-party: Tiger Tape, Friday Bridge (venue change!) and Klubb Trubbel + Cosy Den (dj sets)!


You know the story by now: Moofish Catfish, who were a very fine four-piece already at that point with two brilliant cdr releases on Cosy Recordings and many memorable concerts, changed their name and re-loaded to fire even harder in our direction. Tiger Tape's full-length album, I woke up in Hökarängen, came out last year and is one of the best Swedish albums I own. They've also got plenty of new tunes that are absolutely amazing - those of us who saw them at the mini-festival Pop Culture in Norrköping this spring got to hear a few of them. And this has also meant that they're feeling a little more comfy about playing MC tunes again... Altogether, they're is surely one of the best indie rock bands to have come out of this country in recent years. At the pre-party for Cosy Den 2011, they're making their first appearance at King Kong.

They will be joined by FRIDAY BRIDGE.

And - both yours truly and the lovely Klubb Trubbel will provide dj sets for you!

This takes place at Mosebacke Etablissemang, a very nice space in central Stockholm.

As you understand by now, there's been a change concerning venues (and schedule).
Thursday's event will take place at the Southside Cavern, not at Landet.
Library Tapes and Woodchucker will still play on the Thursday, along with Stefan Zachrisson's dj set. There may be another act or two announced
for that evening as this has created a little more room in the schedule. Please check back for further news!

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