lördag 9 juli 2011

Jordens Otur and James Ausfahrt!


Åke Strömer, AKA James Ausfahrt, calls himself a jazz musician - but is really into making upbeat pop ballads more than anything. James Ausfarth knows more than three chords, is by some people considered to be the best athlete in the history of sport, and sometimes plays saxophone with people like Love Is All, Still Flyin' and Crystal Stilts. His breakthrough came in 2007 with the record ”Party for the arty people/Arty for the party people”, an album inspired by Julie Ruin, The Breeders and Atari Teenage Riot - and his new album, "I don't think we should be friends", was released this week! Gothenburg-based globetrotter James Ausfahrt (anding in Sweden on the Friday, just coming back from playing at the Ladybug Transistor release party and other activities, and will get in the car right away) is one of the best live acts in the country. Not probably - definitely.


An embryo for what was to become Jordens Otur arose a cold and grey day in November when Stefan (from Munnen and Diskodrift) and Max (from Famnen and Pissduva) sat in their apartment in Stockholm suburb Bredäng and looked out the window. Their song "En grå dag" became the starting point for their new project. They'd had a longing for quite a while to make punk music together, and Jordens Otur felt like the perfect name to do it under. After a cancelled rehearsal with Famnen, they met up in their premises and started playing tunes, Stefan on guitar and Max on drums. It didn't take long until the duo realized they needed to make the music more dynamic, and Karin (Stalking Marcel) took over the drum sticks and left Max in charge of the bass and general soundscape stuff. The result is noisy, rhythmic and melodic pop punk. Jordens Otur made their live debut at Cosy Den a while ago, on a two day notice and with only three songs ready for the concert format - leaving the crowd wanting lots more.

The tickets for Friday and Saturday at Gula Villan in Haninge are being released tomorrow!

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