lördag 16 juli 2011

Maybe Sucks and Paddington Distortion Combo!


Paddington Distortion Combo is one of just a handful acts that have played at Cosy Den a handful times or more. The first time I heard PDC music was in 2001. I went to a tiny gig set up by Osaka vs Tokyo, not knowing anything about Carl Olsson apart from the fact that he played in the Bear Quartet and with Fireside. I went from that concert with a cdr, and forced Mats Jonsson who was DJ-ing nearby to play "The sun is down and the sky is grey" so I could hear it again before I went home. Ten years on, I'm still very much in love. This time around, it'll be a bit reposeful, just him and a piano and some new songs (since Carl became a father he hasn't really found the time to go down to the basement and his synthesizers much - good thing he has a piano in the living-room). But then again, that's his initial thought. You never know what's going to happen when you're off to see PDC.


Although Myspace is defunct and dying, it's quite ridiculous that maybe sucks has just two "friends" on there. Or perhaps it's intentional. maybe sucks is a young, fresh, new, exiting duo that consists of Josefine and Veronica, two residents (from those two last quite anonymous train stops before one reaches Haninge - Skogås and Trångsund) who have an appetite for noisy yet delicate and melodious lo-fi pop. Although they only have one and a half recorded songs to present us, reliable sources ensures an incredible repertoire and a live performance as honest and amazing as anything. Also, rumours are that they're soon to release their debut EP with help from our good friends at Sippin Productions. So be there, hopefully get to grab a fresh copy, get your mind blown and remember where you saw them first. Maybe does indeed suck.

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