söndag 10 juli 2011

Ticket info and preliminary schedule!

Here's the ticket info for Cosy Den 2011!

Buying tickets in advance is required for Friday and Saturday at Gula Villan in Haninge.


If you know you're coming, please buy your tickets for Friday and Saturday (Friday costs 80 SEK, Saturday costs 150 SEK you do not need to buy in advance for the other three days) ASAP so I get room in the budget for even more stuff great stuff!

Send the money:

* PayPal account thirdfloorfireescapeview@gmail.com - be sure to include name/s of ticket holders.

* 8327-99947356052 (Swedbank) - please mark your transfer with "CD11" and your initials ("CD11 MJ"). Also, send an e-mail to cosyden2011 (at) gmail.com.

I need your full name and let me know you've send the cash. Your name will then be on the list at the door. You can also book for your friends, but if you do, you'll obviously need to send their names as well.

PS. In case of a genuine force majeure you will obviously get your money back. DS.


This post will be updated once the tickets start to run out.
The TBA's below are being replaced with ace live acts and DJ's quite rapidly at the moment, two more of those will probably be announced later today or during the Monday! But for now, this is what it all will (vaguely) look like:

Wednesday the 3rd, at Södra Bar together with Club King Kong: TBA + TBA + DJ's
Entrance: free!

Thursday the 4th, at Landet: Friday Bridge + Library Tapes + Woodchucker + DJ set by Stefan (Benno, Friendly Noise, Lava)
Entrance: 60 SEK

Friday the 5th at Gula Villan: Faster, Glenn! + Bristlemouth + Jordens Otur + Models Inc. + Maybe Sucks + Simon G + DJ set by David (Librarians Wanted, UK)
Entrance: 80 SEK (pre-booking required)

Saturday the 6th at Gula Villan: Haiku Salut (UK) + Iiris Viljanen Trio + Mats Wikström + We.the Pigs + James Ausfahrt + Bearsuit (UK) + Paddington Distortion Combo + Haningealliansen + DJ set by Ellinor (de Montevert)
Entrance: 150 SEK (pre-booking required)

Sunday the 7th at TBA: Supertuff + Yo Amoeba + TBA + TBA + DJ's
Entrance: voluntary!

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