fredag 22 juli 2011

Stefan Zachrisson (DJ set) and Haningealliansen!


Haningealliansen first came to life a couple of months before 2010's Cosy Den festival. It could be described as a music collective featuring Haninge bands who somehow can fit under the category "The sound of young Lötkärr" and who get together to play songs they've made, together, and so far exclusively for this festival. In 2010, Haningealliansen consisted of Johan Hedberg, Indoor Face, Jap Adaptors, Lilla Gubben, Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, Chloë and Springfactory. We still don't know what will happen this time around, but reliable sources have hinted that even more people will be involved, and that things may clear up a little after Monday's first band rehearsal for the year - so this post will be updated a little. I suspected that with the endless back catalogue that this lot have, it would not have to be the slightest repetitive to have them playing two years in a row. Thus, I am very happy that they also liked the idea of doing this again.

STEFAN ZACHRISSON was the editor of influental Swedish fanzine Benno, and has since that been involved in the excellent label and magazine Friendly Noise. Amongst lots of other things. Stefan's presence in Swedish independent music has been constant for decades, and he will play some of his fave tunes during Thursday's event at Landet.

Oh, and a change in the schedule too: please note that Simon G will play on the FRIDAY instead of the Saturday.

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