torsdag 14 juli 2011

Yo Amoeba and Bearsuit (UK)!


Bearsuit probably one of my favourite bands over the last decade. This five-piece from Norwich, England has given us classic singles like "Hey Charlie hey Chuck", "Itsoku got married", "More soul than Wigan Casino" and "Foxy boxer" over the years. This spring, Bearsuit released their fourth full-length album (and the first one since 2007), and on "The phantom forest" they're as instant, dancy and quirky as ever. This will be the band's only gig in Sweden this time around, and their first since 2004's concert at Emmaboda. Black Flag may still hold the title as the band who've been closest to actually blow off the roof at Gula Villan, but Henry Rollins (dancing or not) is sure in trouble now Bearsuit are heading for Haninge.


Behind the name Yo Amoeba is Therese Holm from Gothenburg. Under this alias and inspired by the likes of Sonic Youth and Cranes, she creates drone-ish songs that often are pretty frightening. Good thing they're beautiful as well. Yo Amoeba's seven inch EP, "Assault and battery", is released this summer and hopefully we can all get our hands on it in connection with her gig at this festival. I had no idea when I contacted her, but the EP consists of sounds and noises that Therese recorded while she was taken under compulsory care in 2006, but managed to hide a field recorder and guitar cables in her jacket to avoid seizure. Yo Amoeba has been around for nearly a decade, and it's about time she played at Cosy Den.

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