söndag 10 juli 2011

Librarians Wanted (DJ set) and Models Inc.!


Models Inc. is probably easiest described as a lo-fi and antitwee collective that includes, but is by no means not limited to, Cosy Den favourites such as JSSFRK and Kindergarten Kisses and also School, Sweet School, Feliz Felix and The Dub-Liner. They have released two EP's ("The Jesusfreak Sings the Kountry Klassix" and "Foke EP") and the full-length album "Season’s Greetings". You never quite know what's going to happen when you get involved with this lot, but considering the ammount of brilliant tunes that they have under their belt, you can at least know that what they're coming up with is certainly worth paying attention to. This live performance will be a pretty rare one, so make sure you don't miss it.

David from London-based indie club night Librarians Wanted will DJ during one of the festival nights! Librarians Wanted have quoted the visits to the Cosy Den festival as one of their influences, so if you're in London, you should know where it's a good idea to go.

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